Finest Tobacco

Due to its unique climatic conditions and soils, Zimbabwe is arguably the producer of the world’s finest tobacco. Savanna Tobacco is proud to have have Zimbabwean tobacco as a key ingredient in its world-famous blends and products.
Two types of tobacco have traditionally been grown in the country: Virginia flue-cured and burley. Flue cured tobacco constitutes over 97% of Zimbabwe’s tobacco yield while burley constitutes about 3%. Tobacco farming in Zimbabwe has flourished due to well watered crops, fertile soils, a favorable climate and the influx of 75,000 new small scale farmers. Also, increasing global demand encourages commercial production. Tobacco rose to become a major export in Zimbabwe in the 1990s. It accounts for about 60% of the total agricultural exports of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has since been Africa’s leading producer and exporter of tobacco and its products.
Savanna Tobacco has over 150 years combined experience in tobacco production, processing and blending. Our blend team uses tobacco grades from all over the world to complement our Zimbabwean tobacco and create high-quality, smooth cigarettes for discerning smokers everywhere.